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Artist Statement

Over the years, I enhanced my techniques on canvas by combining my photographic images with acrylic paint, oil pastels, and ink. During my years of experimenting with digital technology, I have found and interesting marriage between traditional studio techniques and digital media.

My work has taken on a life of its own through the abstract kinetic lines that move to a mental rhythm as they flow from my hand.  Every line, paint stroke, is a free flowing idea that is deeply rooted in sight and sound.  My art is also influenced by, political issues, society, various free flowing ideas, and one other back bone element of my art is fueled from the "Free Jazz Style" prevalent in the 1950’s to the 1970’s. As I listen to deep bass cords, drum beats, and harsh trumpet notes, I explore my intuitive approach and express my artistic style through rhythm of sound.  As I create my art, some parts become mistakes that turn into masterpieces and it is all in conjunction and influenced by jazz music. 

My bold, jagged, and aggressive line style is also influenced by African Art and culture.  The thick lines and aggressive paint strokes are a dynamic fusion between my flat photographic images and traditional methods of painting and sketching.  Combining these various mediums has allowed the surface of my work to take on different depths.


The viewer’s eye is drawn into not just one area of my artwork, but many different angles.  As I look at my own work I sometimes see a change in perspective and various dimensions that allow for me to dig deeper into creating different aspects of a new piece.  I see my work always evolving and changing in its on depth through my exploration of new ideas and expressions.  Most of my art is very intuitive and this allows me to be free and open to change the process of creating each new piece of work.


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